Information Provided Pursuant to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

  • Business Operator

    TO Books, Inc.
  • Person in Charge of the Business

    Takeichi Honda
  • Address

    150-0002, 11F PMO Shibuya II, 3-1-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (1st Head Office)
  • Contact

  • Subscription Fee

    Paid membership of “CORONA EX” is based on a monthly subscription service, and the subscription fee is charged for each one-month period. For details, please refer to the Monthly Subscription Introduction page.
  • Costs other than the Subscription Fee to use the Service

    Internet connection fees and any other fees to use the internet. Data charges may apply if you are using the service on a mobile device.
  • Method of payment

    Payment shall be made by the payment method you selected during the purchase process.
  • Timing of Payment

    Paid membership of “CORONA EX” is based on a monthly subscription service. The Subscription Fee shall be paid in advance. Your first subscription fee will be charged on the date you start the subscription, and thereafter charged on each renewal day. For example, if the subscription begins on March 25th, the next renewal (and payment) date will be April 25th.
    In months where there is no date corresponding to the subscription start date, the renewal date will be set to the closest date within that month. For example, if the subscription begins on March 31st, the next renewal (and payment) date will be on April 30th.
  • When the Service Starts for you

    Services are made available instantly, once registration is complete.
  • Cancellation

    You cannot cancel your subscription during its ongoing period. Subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis, and monthly members can suspend such renewal on the customer portal page. You can access the customer portal page from the link included in the Subscription column on the My Profile page. Procedures for suspending the renewal must be completed before the next renewal date. Even after you suspend the renewal, you will continue to have access to the contents until the date just before the renewal date. We will not refund any subscription fee you have already paid. For example, if April 25th is the next renewal date, you need to complete the procedure for suspending the renewal on or before April 24th to avoid the next billing on April 25th. In this case, you will have access to the contents until April 24th even after the completion of such suspension procedure.
  • System Requirements

    Please refer to “Q - What browsers and operating systems are supported?” in our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.
  • Other conditions

    Please see the CORONA EX Terms of Use.