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What is CORONA EX?

CORONA EX is the one and only official distributor site for TO Books manga titles. As our company's vision is to "deliver many more stories," we started CORONA EX to reach "much more readers across the world."

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Only on our official website are all the newest chapters of the manga versions of anime such as Ascendance of a Bookworm, Sweet Reincarnation, Tearmoon Empire and The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash available to read in English!

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Our use of two translation modes allows us to give you access to cross media titles and even the latest Japanese titles faster than anywhere else!

Translations provided by our foreign partner publishers

Our publishing partners such as J-Novel Club, Seven Seas Entertainment and TOKYOPOP deliver high quality translations. Check the banner on the manga title info page to see which company the translation was provided by.

Please note that bonus manga, short novels, and afterwords are not included, so please purchase the content from the listed company separately.


Automatically translated by Google AI

With the use of Google Translate, most recent Japanese works can be delivered fast.

*Note that with AI generated content, there may be errors in translation.

*Bonus material that may be found in the books such as short manga, short novels or afterwords are not included.

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By simply registering, you can favorite your titles. And, if you become a member at $4.50/month…

Unlimited access to all episodes of all titles

Reread at any time and never miss a new chapter!

No more ads!