The Condemned Villainess Goes Back in Time and Aims to Become the Ultimate Villain (Manga)

Rat Kitaguni(Manga) / Bakufu Narayama(Original Story) / Ebisushi(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by our foreign partner publishers.

Claudia, daughter of a duke, is tricked by her wicked half-sister and sold off to a brothel. Unwilling to accept defeat, Claudia uses the tools at her disposal and becomes one of the most successful sex workers in her new home. That’s when she dies–only to be thrust back in time to age fourteen! Gone is the gullible girl of her academy days now that she’s got street savvy and hard-won seductive skills. It’s Claudia’s turn to play the evil villainess, and there’s nothing she won’t do to protect what’s hers!

(C) Rat Kitaguni / Bakufu Narayama
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