Tearmoon Empire (Manga)

Mizu Morino(Manga) / Nozomu Mochitsuki(Original Story) / Gilse(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by our foreign partner publishers.

The Tearmoon Empire has fallen. As the flames of revolution scour the land, the empire’s ever-selfish princess, Mia, is publicly executed by way of the guillotine...only to wake up in the past as her twelve-year-old self! The empire’s back, the revolution is a distant memory, and sweets are once again on the table! As the bloodstained diary she brought back with her proves, however, Mia’s memories of the future are by no means just a bad dream. All the horrors and indignities she experienced in that terrible timeline are bound to happen all over again... That is, unless she can shape herself up, recruit some allies, and exploit her knowledge of what’s to come to solve all of the empire’s problems before they spiral horribly (and lethally) out of control! Is Mia up to the lofty task of changing the future and saving her empire? Not even slightly, but it’s her only choice if she hopes to spare herself from a second gruesome end at the blade of the guillotine!

© Mizu Morino / Nozomu Mochitsuki
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