The Swordwoman With Curse@COMIC

Fukatsu(Manga) / Hermit(Original Story) / Mataichimataro(Character Design)

Attention!:This work is translated by Google Translate for episode 1 to 3, and localized with INKR Studio for episode 4 and after.

Once upon a time, magicians were greatly despised. In the kingdom of Fulgund, Alphilis is magic swordswoman who, because of her past, sets out on a journey with the aim of becoming someone who can help others.
She's a mercenary, but because she can use magic, even her own guild gives her the cold shoulder. One glance at the magic signs engraved on her arms would make anyone run away in fear!
One day, she meets up again with Sister Anorn, an alcoholic inseparably bound to Alphilis, and the only person who considers her a "friend". Together with two others, they form a party to subdue a demon lord who has reawakened and threatens the land.
During the battle, our heroes are on the verge of defeat, but Alphilis decides to unleash her full powers, and her right arm bursts into flames as she transforms into a whole new persona!
The tale of a swordswoman who, as "Demon Lord Alphilis", became a controversial figure in history, and the bond she forms with her comrades, who each suffered lonely lives until they teamed up, begins!

© Fukatsu / Hermit
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