The Outcast Almighty Magic Swordsman Who Became Tutor to a Princess@COMIC

Sen Nakihara(Manga) / Hiroshi Karui(Original Story) / COMTA(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

After being cast out of the order of knights he founded with his childhood friends, magic swordsman Solon is asked by his former teacher to become the tutor of Imperial Princess Filia, who has always admired him, and wants to be just like him!
His job is to educate her and teach her magic, but on his first day of employment, he has to save her from an assassination attempt! He soon realizes that he'll have to live with the innocent princess in order to protect her.
He must defeat the schemes of wicked servants, and his new life takes a turn for the worst when the leader of his former order turns up at the palace unannounced.
This knight expelled for being an all-rounder and the princess whose birth is shrouded in mystery become more than tutor and pupil but less than lovers, and their relationship will change the course of the nation. A royal adventure fantasy!

© Sen Nakihara / Hiroshi Karui
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