An Encouragement to Create Another World: I became God of another world by creating it in a smartphone game, and now I wander around it!@COMIC

Akira Iwato(Manga) / Tamagokake Candy(Original Story) / Karei(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

One day, a luckless middle-aged man installs a mysterious new game "An Encouragement to Create Another World" on his smartphone. In the game, the player has god-like powers to create new worlds and control all the creatures that live there.
After playing it for a while, a new feature appears in the game, giving him the ability to teleport into the game and out again!
He realizes that by transferring items between worlds he can become rich and escape his life as a wage slave, so he takes time off work for the first time ever, giving him time to raise his level in the game. However, he uses his new-found abilities so much he begins to attract suspicion from those around him.
In his role as God, he sometimes sends messages which shake up the world he's created, while using shojo manga to educate the uncontrollable 8-year-old daughter of a count, and managing to tame a fox spirit using tuna mayonnaise rice balls!
So begins the life a man-turned-god, who has complete freedom to switch between worlds!

© Akira Iwato / Tamagokake Candy
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