Given the Chance to Redo Her Life, a Villain Dotes on Her Angelic Younger Brother!@COMIC

Saiku Baba(Manga) / Hiroshi Karui(Original Story) / Shiori Sakura(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

Claire, a duke's daughter, gets killed by her younger brother Phil for being a "Night Witch", but for some reason wakes up alive. She's been sent back in time, and is 12 years old again!
In order to avoid her fate, she decides to do whatever it takes to win her brother's affection, hoping that will prevent him from killing her. Meeting him again, she realizes that he's as sweet and innocent as an angel!
Overwhelmed by his charm, she begins to dote on him as she strives to redo her life, but the question of succession in a great noble family and a civil war turn her life into chaos!

© Saiku Baba / Hiroshi Karui
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