They Said My Translator Skill Was Useless, but I Used It to Form an Invincible Party: How I used my power to communicate with monsters and demons to rise to the top!@COMIC

Daisuke Toya(Manga) / Kei Takano(Original Story) / Kumano Daigorou(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

Shion, an adventurer whose "Translator" skill gives him the power to communicate with monsters and animals, and he and his childhood friends devote themselves to quests around the clock, aiming to become an A-class party.
However, they suddenly kick him out of the party, saying that his skill is useless in combat. Shion is devastated, but with the encouragement of Angelina, his guild's receptionist, he decides to make a fresh start as a solo adventurer.
His skill was said to be useless, but it enables him to attract new comrades from other species, such as a slime creature and a half-demon swordswoman, and together, they form an invincible party which becomes the stuff of legends!

© Daisuke Toya / Kei Takano
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