Super Farming Holy Woman: A duke's daughter sparks an agricultural revolution after losing both her position as holy woman and her fiancé!@COMIC

Nasuo Age(Manga) / Kyoseki Sasaki(Original Story) / Hatori Kyoka(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

"Save the people with your benevolence and wisdom. Become their anchor of hope."
Taking the words of the previous Holy Woman to heart, Alicia, a duke's daughter who has been chosen to succeed her, devotes her life to study, so she can live up to her role. However, her efforts go to waste when her twin sister suddenly steals both her position and her fiancé. All she has left is a well-thumbed agriculture textbook.
Everything seems hopeless, but she receives an offer of marriage from Roland, the handsome son of the lord of the borderlands, who asks her to use her powers to restore the fortunes of his domain!
A fantasy about how a pure and honest lady uses her vast knowledge of agriculture to save the nation and become Super Farming Holy Woman!

(C) Nasuo Age / Kyoseki Sasaki
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