Reincarnated in the "DunHun" Game World: A gamer plays "Recommendation For Dungeon Job Hunting" from the beginning for real!@COMIC

Hiroshi Asagi(Manga) / Kaede Nishikigi(Original Story) / Shuri(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

In the legendary game "Dungeon Job Hunting", or "DunHun" for short, where you can gain more new strengths and items the more you play, there are 1021 kinds of jobs to choose from, and over 400 different endings!
A certain gamer (player name Zephyrus) gets reincarnated as the main character in the game. He's ecstatic about being able to play his favorite game for real, and quickly enrolls at Labyrinth School, the main stage of the game. Using the knowledge he's gained by playing it repeatedly, he sets out to become a "Hero", the strongest job available.
He also invites a childhood friend, a weak girl who's aiming to become an "Alchemist", to join him, and together, they quickly and efficiently clear the school's curriculum and raise their levels!
Get a strong job to get lots of treasure! A dungeon-conquering fantasy!

(C) Hiroshi Asagi / Kaede Nishikigi
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