Nothing Gets a Tough Viscount's Daughter Down: My sister stole my position as holy woman, but now I work as a maid for an order of knights!@COMIC

Mirai Takahashi(Manga) / Ruki Hanamiya(Original Story) / Kaoru Harugano(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

Sadie gets disowned by her family after her younger sister steals her fiancé and her position as holy woman at a temple. So becoming an overworked maid at the Royal Knights Dormitory seems like a dream job! She'll work as hard as they like, as long as they pay her!
Finding fulfillment in housework, the tough Sadie soon becomes a workaholic. She'd rather clean the dormitory than have a date with the kind deputy commander of the knights, and she's more interested in the huge shopping list of breakfast ingredients than the flowers given to her by the handsome court magician. Despite all the attention she gets from the men around her, she dedicates herself to everyday chores.
However, she possesses more holy power than anyone else in the land, and the head of the temple desperately wants her back.
Work comes first! A fantasy about a steel-minded maid who steals everyone's hearts!

(C) Mirai Takahashi / Ruki Hanamiya
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