Geist & Revenant: How I went from zero to hero when I evolved my Geist into a pretty girl!@COMIC

sagiyama ren(Manga) / Sammbon(Original Story) / HIMA(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

In a world where some people have the power to command spirits called "Geists", ever-confident high schooler Yohei goes ego-surfing one day. He finds a game walkthrough which describes him as a minor mob character, and Gobumi, his Geist, as "the weakest". Yohei dismisses this as the writing of a hater who envies him, but when he reaches his new school, he discovers that it's all true!
His classmates mock his weakness, but the proud Yohei resolves to do whatever it takes to become strong enough to defeat the main character, who has yet to appear. Guided by the walkthrough, he and Gobumi venture into dungeons to toughen themselves up, and their slow but steady progress attracts the interest of the school's strongest student!
A fantasy about a cocky high schooler and his hardworking "Geist" who turn the tables on all those who called them "the weakest"!

(C) sagiyama ren / Sammbon
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