#“How to walk on a broken earth”@COMIC

Wataru Akiduki(Manga) / Yusuke Yamamoto(Original Story) / Mappaninatta(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

Ikoma has the "Replication" skill, which enables him to reproduce anything: food, weapons, and even skills. He's an extremely easy touch, and uses his skill to do favors for anyone who asks.
On his travels, he saves the life of a certain girl. She makes a request, and even though he wants to take things easy and keep traveling, he accepts, and as a result, he's made to dress up as a girl, become leader of an army, and fight a fearsome dragon!
Can such a nice guy save a devastated world?
The long-awaited manga version of the thrilling adventure story which won the 9th Internet Novel Award!

(C) Wataru Akiduki / Yusuke Yamamoto
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