I Wish I Could Forget My Past Life: The countryside I dreamed of living in is actually a terrifyingly dangerous place!@COMIC

Tsumugi Oshima(Manga) / Asahi Hoshihata(Original Story) / Iori Suzuki(Character Design)

Attention!:All stories in this work is translated by Google Translate.

A man who always dreamed of living a slow life in the countryside gets reincarnated as Sora Sugiyama, a boy with magic element deficiency. He's under-developed, and If he stays in the city he won't survive long. His only hope is to move in with his grandparents and breathe the magic element-rich air of the countryside.
However, it turns out that the countryside is a savage realm where giant insects roam! The beetles he dreamed of collecting are over a meter in length, and what should've been a nice stroll turns into a battle with dandelions which even sprout in human flesh!
The panic-stricken Sora captures the hearts of the tough villagers, and even summons the god of the rice paddy.
A touching fantasy about a faint-hearted boy's struggle (?) to survive, which is sure to remind you of your home town!

(C) Tsumugi Oshima / Asahi Hoshihata
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