I’m a Saint Who Protects the Nation, but My Little Sister Is More Important to Me Than Anything Else: Anyone who makes her cry will feel my fists!@COMIC

Sohin(Manga) / Aira Yao(Original Story)

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"Saints" are women who, as agents of God, protect the nation. Christa, a saint who is also a count's daughter, was born not only beautiful, but also possessing unprecedented magical powers and intellect.
Outwardly, she's the perfect superhuman, but inside, she has a heavy sister complex, and loves her little sister Ruby so much it hurts! So when Ruby's fiancé suddenly breaks off the engagement, Christa decides to avenge her by going to his mansion alone and beating him to a pulp! After fighting off his fierce underlings with her (physical) saintly powers, she teaches the wicked ex-fiancé a lesson with her fists!
A thrilling fantasy about a bare-knuckle siscon saint who'll do anything to make her sister happy begins!

(C) Sohin / Aira Yao
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